Unseen power of increased biological activity

Bacteria are a key component in wastewater management, yet not all bacteria are equal. It is not uncommon to see companies representing their effectiveness using bacteria counts as a guide to quality and success, with the implication that all pharmaceutical grade bacteria are equal, and the barometer for effectiveness of biological wastewater management. In only referencing bacteria counts, it implies that all bacteria are equal, which is incorrect as there is a broad range of bacteria available. All bacteria are not equal.

Moreover, when it comes to wastewater treatment, contrary to the food processing industry, efficacy is the result of diversity and not plate counts. Hycura blends use Syntrophic Oxidation Bacteria. This consortium of naturally occurring microbes lives symbiotically as a community. They are versatile and are able to cope with very rough environments such as sludge and waste. It is very difficult to plate count this consortium as it is only one or two strains that will be effectively counted.

Why use a Syntrophic Consortium?

Diversity is power, Hycura consortium contains over 70 different strains of bacteria

They can tackle multiple various pollutants and environments

They are facultative microbes, meaning they can thrive with or without the presence of oxygen

They are more resistant to aggressive environments and toxic shocks

They can digest difficult to degrade polysaccharides found in secondary sludge

In the formulation of Hycura, bacteria are only one aspect of the blend. Hycura’s inhouse propriety formulations contain a broad range of bacteria, enzymes specific to proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and cellulose, supported by buffers and neutralizers all working together to achieve successful treatment in wastewater management.  Many years of trials in real life situations, along with recently conducted technical evaluations of various blends through the University of Calgary, has verified effectiveness of Hycura products.

Hycura’s products are fully bio-degradable and ecologically responsible. Its exclusive MET granules make it much more effective than other biologic compounds used for similar purposes. Hycura has a constant commitment to perfect its products continuously through its experience and studies, both on the field and in laboratories and manufacturing plant. This business philosophy has allowed Hycura to successfully compete and to remain in the market for 66 years, a feat none of its competitors have achieved.